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Illinois Volunteers - Serving the Home Front

Welcome to the home page for our new Illinois Volunteers program. This initiative is designed to provide a coordinated means for citizens to assist their communities and the State of Illinois during times of disaster.

This program is designed to complement the excellent volunteer programs of the Red Cross, Salvation Army, Citizen Corps, or any other of the wonderful volunteer organizations that we regularly work with in disaster response. Illinois Volunteers is a means to pre-identify those citizens not affiliated with an organization but who are willing and ready to help when the need arises. In addition, it provides a way for citizens to donate products or to provide financial support to voluntary organizationsBy signing up as an Illinois Volunteer, you may find yourself helping your neighbor, your community, or the State.

Spontaneous volunteers who show up at a disaster site are well meaning but can cause logistical problems, can sap resources needed for victims, and can become victims themselves. By registering as an Illinois Volunteer, you can know that the State will put your talents to use where and when they are needed.

Thank you for becoming an Illinois Volunteer and demonstrating the spirit of volunteerism that helps make this a great country and Illinois a great place to live.

Pat Quinn, Governor


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